Laurence of Suburbia

Putting the love back in the ‘burbs one street at a time!

Our first project is a flagship series for the most famous face in interior design: Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. 

Without his unique expertise and flamboyance, the television makeover wouldn’t exist! 6 hour-long episodes filmed throughout the UK.

Launching on Amazon Prime in May 2019, distributed worldwide by Sky Vision and produced with the support of the Isle of Man Digital Media Fund.

Travelling across the length and breadth of UK, Laurence is determined to make people fall back in love with their homes. Setting up a ‘Big Top’ pop-up arena in a different neighbourhood in each episode, he invites the public to share their inferior interiors and decorating disasters with him.

FormatZone – Laurence in Bournville
FormatZone – Laurence Measuring
FormatZone – Laurence House
FormatZone – Laurence Painting

Think Grand Tour meets Changing Rooms… and you get Laurence of Suburbia!

FormatZone – Laurence of Suburbia Banner