Laurence of Suburbia

Putting the love back in the ‘Burbs one street at a time!

Our first project is a flagship format for the most famous face in interior design: Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. Without his unique expertise and flamboyance, the television makeover wouldn’t exist.

Series 1 of 12 x 60' in production. International distribution by Sky Vision. 

Laurence of Suburbia is all round entertainment: part makeover, part roadshow, part game. The format combines the complete makeover of a home with a ‘Big Top’ neighborhood event, with Laurence as ringmaster, where friends and neighbours vote to decide who gets the Laurence treatment.

FormatZone – Laurence in Bournville
FormatZone – Laurence Measuring
FormatZone – Laurence House
FormatZone – Laurence Painting
FormatZone – Laurence of Suburbia Banner